Lets Talk About This! DevilMan Crybaby

Okay, guys, just so all of you know, I am not an anime reviewer. I like watching anime and talk about my personal opinion/ramblings on any kind of anime series I want to place here on my blog. We got that? K? Cool. Lets go!

So, Devilman Crybaby, I watched the new series a few days ago. I am well aware the anime and manga has been out since the 1970s. Will I go and watch the original. In my personal opinion, I don’t think so. Long anime series/mangas are not my thing.

Anyways. I began watching the series because, well, it began blowing up on my Twitter. Mainly, users shipping the two main characters, Akira and Ryou together as an OTP. I’m like, “okay, I guess I’ll check this whole series out.”

I’m not going to go in depth of the series, because nowadays you can just look up on wikipedia or other resources that’ll tell you about any anime series. This is again, only my ramblings.

I thought DevilMan was going to be, you know, some kind of shounen. All the fighting, violence, you know the badass kind of stuff? Welp, that what it includes. 

The series has quite the symbolism, expresses true human nature, and their desires. I’m talking about, clubbing, sex, drugs, money, fear, anger, violence, etc, etc.  No one is truly innocent in the world, because once fear is brought upon, your mind goes crazy and you don’t know what to believe anymore, and you become more like a demon. Here are some pictures to give you an idea. 


Young Akira cries over a kitten that’s sick

Devilman Crybaby - 01 - Large 03

Young Ryo wants to kill the kitten, but Akira won’t allow it  


Beginnings of people turning into demons 

Devilman Crybaby - 01 - Large 07

Teen Akira crying for someone/empathy 


Ryo and Akira go to a club hence the reason in the subtitles. 



Akira being devoured by a demon 


Akira turns into a demon/devil 


Akira tries to understand his new body 


Despite being a demon, Akira still cries for others. 



The world goes to shit, everyone thinks everyone is a demon


Miki accepts Akira being a demon

I feel this series was meant to give the audience the idea how the real world actually works. And you know, not everyone is a bad person out there. As the saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” You can judge a person, but you realize how pure and genuine they are. Just what happened to Akira, he turned into a demon, but that didn’t change his human heart at all, he’s still the same person who cries for others. Then you can have normal people who are the most shittiest beings they are. So, who are the actual “demons” in the series? It goes for show, how much DevilMan Crybaby relates to real life. I would give this series a shot, you may like it or hate it. But, at last, don’t judge the title of what you might actually watch.

That is all I have for now. Until next time <3. 




Dealing with Annoying People

Do you get the feeling when you go into to work and you know something isn’t going to be as planned? Or it’s just not going to be a great day? Yeah, that’s what’s been for me for the past few days when going to work. You know, at the beginning, I really did enjoy my job, but now, it’s such a kill joy. There’s this specific manager who is always on everyone’s case and get’s everyone upset. It’s the feeling that managers give the impression you don’t know how to do your job. I’ve been working at my current job for over a year now, I believe I know how to do my job. Not going to lie, sometimes it can be complicated because guests who come in always have to be so dang picky where they have to sit, like, it’s the end of the world to them they want to sit at this table or this booth. Man, I’m not saying I have a hard job because I only work part time at a restaurant. The only thing is, it gets really irritating, but hey, that’s life. No matter where you go, you’re going to deal with a lot of annoying people. Heck, even I can get annoying, but working at a restaurant opens your eyes to not be a jerk because you understand how it feels. For instant, every time I go out to get, I always tip 15%-20% even if the service isn’t that great, because I know that’s someone’s rent, child support, bill, loan money, etc. Life isn’t easy even when you try to make it enjoyable. Just making someone’s day should be enough. That is all I have to say, sorry for being so inactive! Until next time. Bye bye <3!

New Year Resolutions!?

Where do I begin? New Year resolutions, the time to start fresh, new you, new attitude, new body, etc, etc. Well, as for me, I never really have resolutions for the New Year, it’s pretty much all the same for me. I worked (not anymore though), came home, and log onto social media or watched anime. My life has not changed that much, even when I said “I do.” Right now all I can say what has changed were going to anime conventions and finally being able to have the anime room I never had. I guess cosplaying is a new thing for me as well. I’m more of an anime enthusiast, but it’s not the same when I began loving anime at the age of 11. Of course, nothing exciting happens in my life. But, who knows?

I guess the only thing I have on my mind as a resolution would be losing weight, because honestly, I have been the same weight since I was in maybe 11th grade. Here and there, I lost a few pounds, but since I am petite, I would love to see where I would be at 15-20lbs lighter. It’s the only resolution I have so far, we’ll see if anything else comes to mind. 

Image result for anime losing weight

(Anime: Kiss Him not Me)

I could change my attitude, like shit talking about people. I learned from one of my  co-workers that shit talking behind people’s backs has a negative effect on your well being. Your life would pretty much become miserable. Other than that, I wouldn’t change my attitude. I am still the same person over the years, but once you been screwed over plenty of times, your attitude is going to change a bit, and you’re going to become annoyed/irritated. Sometimes, you just need to have a back-bone.  

This is all I have for now, until next time!


Hopefully, I am back!

Hmmmmm, where have I been?? Well, I can tell you that I have been going through personal things since August 2017. Mainly, I had a nervous breakdown. I won’t be going too much into detail because I am not comfortable talking/writing about personal weaknesses. I can say that work was becoming too stressful for me and marital problems as well. Everything combined was starting to become unbearable for my mentality. My marriage,  it’s not perfect, but it’s better than before.

About work, well, I took a break, and, I never went back. As much as it’s wrong to just leave without speaking to the managers. However, I did tell them that I needed personal time off, so they do know about my situation. But, when it came down that some of the managers would make me feel guilty of leaving that they don’t want me to leave; well, when you have breakdowns at work multiple times, why would I come back? November was the last month I worked, then I decided to not go back in December. I’m taking time off from working for a little bit, for how long? Hopefully not for long.

Right now, I am focusing on myself and helping my husband with his medical problems of his knees. My husband has been dealing with slight knee complications when he was in high school. After high school, he joined the Navy for 2 years, but was soon discharged because of his knees and, well, he gained weight. Then he began dealing with constant knee pain which was extremely unbearable for him. He could absolutely do nothing and his knees would hurt. His knee pain was taking over his life physically, and he’s only 23. As of now, for the past 5 years going to VA to figure out what’s wrong with his knees and why he has constant knee pain. He has what is called Chondromalacia (constant popping, grinding, cracking of the knee when extended). Also, there’s a tendon from his thighs that’s pulling his knee up, making it out-of-place. He’s been told by multiple VA doctors that he needs to lose weight and do certain knee exercises. Losing a good amount of weight would be a plus for him, but who knows if his knee caps will go back into place.

That’s all I have been going through the past year and why I have been so inactive. Hopefully, I’ll be back. In the mean time, see you until later. Bye .

(P.s. I have also been attending anime conventions, so maybe, I’ll post pictures.)

Working as a Hostess

Okay, so, I’ve been working in the restaurant industry for almost two years now, and let me tell you, depending where you want to apply, just so you know, it’s not the greatest. Well, for me it isn’t.

I think working in the food industry is a pain in the ass. Where I work, you have to kiss ass, but sometimes, I just can’t. You know, working as a host is pretty easy, seating guests at the the table and that’s it. Nope, where I work, guests come in, and they are pretty much assigned a table nowadays, you know, with the technology we have now. Pretty easy right? Guess what, where I work, we only have 3 hosts on during the day, 3 at night, but will that help with the 6 different parties coming in through the door? Not really. Since there isn’t anyone there to seat the guests, you have to hold them there at the greet stand. It’s very awkward. You can call out on the walkies that you need help to seat as many times as you want, but none of the staff really helps or asks someone to help out. So, you’re standing there awkwardly waiting until someone comes up to seat. The greeter can’t leave the greet stand, or the manager will just get upset with you.

Also, when you have guests that never say anything if they want a booth or table, and when we seat them at the table, they give you an unpleasant look and want to sit somewhere else. And sometimes, they sit in a closed section (where there is no server), so we have to track down a different server to pick up that table, or the manager will get upset with you.

I will never understand why people come in a restaurant and be rude. Like, we try to do our jobs as the best we can, but it will never please anyone. I was seating guests, one day, and at the assigned table I sat them at, the lady was so rude, “I can’t sit in those chairs, we want a booth!” What the hell…jeeeeez. I sat them at a booth, and apparently she was rude to anyone who goes by their table when food was being dropped off. Also, seating guests at at a table, and apparently they wanted a booth, so I replied “Okay, I can seat you at that booth straight ahead” She replies, “Oh, no, can I sit here at this booth instead (pointing at a booth that’s for 6 people not 2) because I want a place that’s quiet and there are no kids around.”….-facepalms- (in my mind). It’s a flippin’ public restaurant, it will never be quiet or not have kids, if you want quiet, stay at home. I know you’re suppose to have a smile on your face and such, but I cannot force a smile if guests are going to be difficult and at this point, they can complain to a manager all they want, I’m pretty much done.

During the evening, when we begin going on wait, there are times when guests are quoted about 25-30 minutes because we just get very busy. I have guests that come up to me say “how much longer” once they only been waiting about 5 minutes. And yes, sometimes they do go over quote time and I know that can become annoying, but there isn’t really much we can do if guests just want to sit at their tables for 2 hours. Guests get upset, want the manager, and maybe the possible yell at you because everything is your fault to and to just make you feel more shitty about yourself. Thanks society, you’re doing a great job.

Sometimes you have good managers, and sometimes you don’t. After not changing my schedule for about a year or so, I decided to changed it because my husbands schedule is changing as well. I told one of my managers on duty for an availability sheet and she looked at me that it was bad I was changing my schedule. She said, “You know you won’t be making hours.” I mean, that’s not really her problem if I’m making hours or not, it’s the fact, my husband is going to need a car at a certain time since we only have one car. I decided to work all mornings Mon.-Fri. because, since my husband with be working a night shift. When I gave the sheet back to her, she just looked at it and said, “I’m not taking it, you give it to so-and-so.” RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDDDEEEEEE….She seemed all disappointed because I changed my schedule to just mornings, I mean it’s not my fault my husbands scheduled changed and that we only have one car, jeeeezzz. I might as well quit if I’m going to receive attitude like that from a manager.

I’m not saying all restaurants are like this, it’s just the experience I’ve been having here as a hostess. I believe, I’m about done, and need to just go out there and get another job. I don’t just want to quit and just have my husband work, even though his job pays $18 an hour, but I would feel bad if I’m not making any kind of income. However, I don’t know where I’ll find another job that pays $10 an hour.

Anyways I apologize for the long rant, something I just needed to get of my chest. Until next time! Bye-bye.



YouTube Channel!

Hey guys :D! Long time no post I know. I’ve been focusing my time with my Youtube channel, which you can find here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCBPkm8GP1QwVK4hw5VmQjg. Even though, I really don’t have an excuse to post even the littlest thing! Well, my life so far is pretty much working (as usual), spending times with friends, and the majority of the time, just relaxing at home. I’ve been giving up some of my shifts from work because I just don’t want to deal with the night shifts anymore. Especially where I work. Mostly guests who come in are just rude and I try to handle it the best I can, but it all comes crashing down. I’m not really a people’s person in reality. I’m socially awkward and I rarely talk. There have been so many changes in the company, that isn’t even worth it. I’m not saying I don’t like working, because I gladly enjoy earning money that I can use for myself. Of course the majority of it goes to bills (insert sadface). I believe it’s that time I need to find myself a different job and just go for it than being afraid you’re going to fail and I don’t have the slightest clue what I am doing. Suck it up buttercup.

Anyways, in the next two weeks, I’ll be visiting my family back in California during the Christmas holiday and will be back home before New Years :D! I’m only going to be there for a week, because work, you know? I know for sure I’ll be applying to other places, more like retail. I will not apply for any food industries, people are just so mean and have to take out their anger on you, once the situation is out of your capability. Sigh, but in the end everything will be alright.

Well, that is all I have to say for now. Until next time, bye bye!

Being M.I.A!

Hey guys! How’s it been? I know, I’ve been absent for so long >_<…Well, hopefully I’ll be able to return, I have been busy with work and everything! Oh and also, I was able to start off my Youtube channel :). Of course the quality isn’t the greatest (using a webcam and windows movie maker to edit) but hey, I rather start off slowly then work my way up. I’m not ready to buy a mac or a dslr camera because I’m just cheap AF because I don’t like spending large amount of money on one thing. When there are bills to pay, food to put on the table, loans to pay off, etc, etc. I don’t take things for granted like  most people out there. I cherish a lot of the stuff I have ^_^! Oh yeah, hey, if you want to check out my channel it’s Littlerayu. Of course it’s makeup related. I’m not much of a makeup guru because I started using makeup two years ago.

This is more like a journey for me and where it takes me. As of now, I’m doing this as a hobby to keep me occupied then just staring at my phone. I never knew it would be this fun really. I know editing can be a tiring, because quality over quantity; I genuinely enjoy it. Right now, I only uploading twice a week because of my work schedule and I can only make video during the day due to using only natural lighting. Not ready to spend even $50-100 on lighting. You know, I don’t even know what the heck I’m doing or saying when I’m doing a video. At this moment, I don’t care what people think because I know I’m an amateur with makeup. I’m willing to learn different styles and look along the way and to be inspired. TO BE THE NEXT MICHELLE PHAN! YAS! Haha, I’ll keep dreaming on that. Right now, again, i’m only doing Youtube for fun. If you check out my channel, I hope you enjoy in some way :)!  Until next time, bye bye!